Pine House Hermitage is dining room you will enjoy views of the offices on the site 0/1689, Matsuo Basho who had enjoyed the "Fuso first favorable wind" said Matsushima. Pine House Hermitage boasts homemade Soba and enjoy fully flavored, tie offers no 10 percent buckwheat. In addition, four seasons of taste enjoy.


Greetings from the owner

Management philosophy

One customer at the heart of thanks with a smile and a taste "great memories" gives us and will continue to.

One us for colleagues to work together and willing work together voice over continues to grow together helping each other.

One food through a new dream to create inherited our passion for local producers, will contribute to the local community.

Pine House of hospitality

Our pine Gin-an from far Matsushima visited customers off thousands are aimed at expressing the spirit of tea ceremony left by Sen no Rikyu wakeijuku seijaku 4 character can quality hospitality in the chest,. Please enjoy the view of Matsushima, Basho is admired and flavorful tea.

An obsession with food

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